Laser Cutting

Our Laser Cutting service is renowned for speed of service and reliability. We work 24 hours a day. That’s why our customers keep coming back to us. We are really proud of our customer satisfaction score of 97%.

Which industries use laser cutting

Laser cutting is such a flexible manufacturing process it's difficult to give a comprehensive list, but here’s just a few

Signs & Display

When it comes to signs we have it all covered. We work in metal, wood, plastic and even rubber to offer you the most comprehensive service in Bangladesh.


We can laser cut panels for both internal and external cladding applications. Materials range from acrylic through anodized aluminium to heavy gauge mild and stainless steel.

Brand & Marketing

We already work with hundreds of you to create the right brand image, the right marketing message, the right giveaway. We know what you need and we have the right tools to supply it.

Architecture & Interiors

We can laser cut panels for interior and exterior applications. For internal room dividers, wall cladding and ceilings. External panels include building cladding, balustrades, window screens and wall art.

Art & Sculpture

Work like this really gets our juices flowing! Laser cut art and sculpture represents a very high percentage of our work. Corten seems to be very popular at the moment.


First and foremost – We Don’t Do In-House Fabrication – We Don’t Compete With You. We’re a laser cutting company, and we’re very good at it; we don’t get involved in Design or Fabrication.

OEM & Industries

We laser cut stencils for everything from clean graffiti to wall art. We laser cut everything from flexible, thin Mylar to sturdy metal. We can advise you on the right type of material for your stencil.


Laser cut MDF/ Ply is possibly one of the most versatile products around – we’ve cut components for everything ranging from a stencil to intricate decorative panels.


The reason we’re so popular across such a diverse range of customers is because we have the technology, capacity and capability to meet their production needs. They can use us as a one-stop-shop for a diverse range of materials and processes – don’t forget we can also laser engrave on just about any material, so if you’re looking for the complete laser service we’re the company to call.

Which materials can we laser cut

Laser cutting is excellent at processing many different materials. We’ve listed some of the more common materials below but if you have a specific requirement just ask

Mild Steel

Laser Cut mild steel is the staple for us – we cut more of this than any other material. We pride ourselves on purchasing the best quality mild steel available.

Stainless Steel

Laser cut stainless steel is our second most popular material. We supply anything from decorative polished panels components, all with a nitrogen clean cut edge.

Aluminium/ Alloy

Laser cutting Aluminium has traditionally been difficult due to the reflections and the thermal transfer characteristics. We’ve invested in the latest technology to ensure cut cleanly and economically


We have specially designed lasers just for Wood to ensure the cut quality is excellent and the material is processed safely. Due to the thermal Laser process the edge is normally a a darker colour.


Plastics, particularly Acrylic, cut really well with a laser. However there are some plastics not suitable for laser cutting as the fumes kill our operators! Ask us if you have a particular plastic in mind

MDF/ Ply

Laser cut MDF/ Ply is possibly one of the most versatile products around – we’ve cut components for everything ranging from a stencil to intricate decorative panels.

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