High volume laser cutting & engraving with metals, plastics and woods. Suitable for up to 3000mm X 1500mm bed size.

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Our specialization

  • Big enough to handle any contract
  • Experienced with modern supply chain methods
  • We operate 24/7
  • Fast Laser cutting & Engraving lead times ( Typically 1-2 Days )
  • We can Process Metal, Plastic and Wood all under one roof
  • Full CAD/CAM services roof

Why Buyer's Like Us

  • We react quickly and professionally on urgent Laser cutting & Engraving requests
  •  If an urgent requirement has just landed on your desk let us help take the pressure off by offering a quick, competitive Laser cutting & Engraving solution backed up with the highest level of quality and service
  •  We can laser cut and laser engrave a vast range of materials – anything from mild steel to acrylic

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Our recent projects

We present here just a few  examples of our most recent projects, to show the diversity of our clients and partners, and of  the projects we do with them. Due to the nature of our work we mainly focus on the methods and tools we used, and the results that we have achieved together.