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MOS Design & Manufacture was formed in 2019 by people who had been involved in laser processing, materials science and engineering for around years. We knew our stuff then and we know even more now! We started with one laser cutting metal for engineering customers and grew from there. We now have three lasers ranging from a small machine used for engraving metal parts to a 500w machine with all the bells and whistles to cut incredible detail in metal. We offer the best range of laser cutting and laser engraving services in Bangladesh – we don’t think there’s anyone else that can cut a 3,000×1,500mm sheet of stainless steel and then engrave across the whole surface.

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William Blanchard

CEO & Company founder

What We Offer

MOS Design & Manufacture was created to offer the best service at the right price. We don’t claim to be the cheapest (would you want your company to be known as cheap?) but we do claim to be the best at what we do. We can back this up with the number of customers who return to us month after month to use our laser cutting and laser engraving services. We recruit the best people; we buy the best laser equipment; we source the best materials. If we need something to improve our service we buy it – we recognize that customer satisfaction is everything. If you’re not happy we’re not here!

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Richard Muldoone

Chief Executive

Prosanto Mendela


Ponting Maxwell


Cristiano Wensel


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Laser Cutting

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